Read Like a Dinosaur

There was a time, way in the past, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. They filled the land and the air, spending their days roaring loudly at each other and devouring food with their pointy teeth. It would be amazing to go back to that time and see live dinosaurs, but since no one has invented a time machine—yet—we can do the next best thing and imagine what a dinosaur might read, that is, if they could!

Dinosaurs might have been very competitive, so I'm guessing they would want to start with books like Dino Records and How Big Were Dinosaurs?. These books have all the most important information about dinosaurs like who was the biggest, the smallest, the deadliest, the weirdest and the most intriguing.

Like you, they might have also imagined a world with mysterious creatures they'd never seen before, so they might have enjoyed Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: The Junior Novelization. Younger dinosaurs might enjoy a little less scary story involving humans, so they might have tried reading about Jack and Annie in Dinosaurs Before Dark.

If we imagine what dinosaurs in museums might like to read, they might ask a question like, "What would it be like to wake up and leave the museum?" For that they might enjoy the classic Danny and the Dinosaur to find out what a dinosaur could do it they went outside to play. Or they might wonder, "What does extinct mean?" They could find out in Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct.

What else might dinosaurs read? Lots and lots of books about themselves