It’s Hot Air Balloon Day!

There are many ways to get from one place to another. Like me, you've probably traveled by bus, train, plane or car, but have you ever taken a ride in a hot air balloon? Hot air balloons have been around since the 1700's. Their name tells you how they work. As the air inside the […]

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Be Mine, Funny Valentine

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! It's the time of year for hearts, chocolate, flowers and love. While your chocolates might melt and your flowers may wilt, these sweet treats will be around for a very long time. When an ordinary boy realizes it's Valentine's Day, he turns into A Crankenstein Valentine! See all of the monstrous […]

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What Do You Know about Snow?

Have you ever wondered if all snowflakes are the same? Or if snow is actually white? Or is there anywhere in the United States that has never had snow? While we wait for our next snow storm, get ready for some snow adventures with these chilly reads. Find all the answers about snow in The Story of […]

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Who Was Jane Addams?

Imagine waking up in the morning and going to work in a factory with no breakfast and no play time after you are done working for the day. Jane Addams, who lived here in Chicago, thought kids should be in school learning instead of in factories working. She fought hard for the rights of children, women and […]

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You Can Draw Superheroes, Too!

Do you love to read comics and graphic novels? Are your favorite shows about superheroes and supervillains? Have you always wished that you could draw your favorite characters or even your own comic creations? You can! Just check out a couple of books and a little bit of practice and you will be on your […]

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Native American Heritage Books for Kids

In November, we celebrate Native American Heritage Month. Learn more about Native Americans with these books for kids and families. You might start by exploring the history of Native Americans with Native Americans or A Kid's Guide to Native American History. These books use hands-on activities to explore the diversity of Native American cultures and to teach us about […]

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