Administrative Staff

Chicago Public Library organizational chart

Chris Brown, Commissioner

Chicago Public Library Commissioner Chris Brown is passionate about redefining what public libraries can bring to the communities they serve. This mission is particularly vital for CPL—its 81 locations make it one of the world’s largest library systems.

Brown came to CPL in 2021 after more than a decade serving in Californian districts. Throughout his career, he has prioritized equity and the democratization of access to information, including nontraditional patrons and resources beyond traditional library materials. He is currently spearheading collaboration with neighborhood safety groups, City departments, and outside partners in order to establish safe spaces for youth. He has also initiated CPL’s first organized analysis of its processes with the goal of improving equity for patrons. This work began with the opening of CPL’s first regional library on Chicago’s West Side since the 1970s.

Such leadership has earned Brown national recognition. He was named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker in 2016 and has received the Urban Libraries Council Top Innovator Award, the California Library Association PRExcellence Award, and a John Cotton Dana Award from the American Library Association in both California and Illinois. Most recently, he served on the California Library Association Board.

Mary Ellen Messner, First Deputy Commissioner

Teri Campbell, Deputy Commissioner, Administration and Finance

Maggie Clemons, Deputy Commissioner, Library Operations and Patron Experience

Deanie Adams, Director, Sulzer Regional

Michelle Carnes, Division Chief, Specialized Services

Keri Cascio, Assistant Commissioner, Technology, Content and Innovation

Craig Davis, Director, Adult Services

Greg Diaz, Chief, District 4, Central East

Jason Driver, Chief, District 3, Central West & Legler Regional

Jeremy Dunn, Director, Teen Services

Karl Guider, Assistant Commissioner, Facility Planning and Building Operations

Shelley Hughes, Director, Children's Services and Family Engagement

Shilo Jefferson, Director, Legler Regional

Brent Lipinski, Chief, District 5, Southwest

Shenita Mack, Division Chief, General Information Services

Diane Marshbank Murphy, Director, Program and Service Innovation

Erin McKinnie, Director, Central Library

Patrick Molloy, Director, Government and Public Affairs

Dana Revilla, Chief, District 2, Northeast & Sulzer Regional

Greg Rodriguez, Chief, District 1, Northwest

Nesha Saunders, Chief, District 6, Southeast & Woodson Regional

Veleda Simpson, Director, Woodson Regional

Stacie Williams, Division Chief, Archives and Special Collections

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