Administrative Staff

Chicago Public Library organizational chart

Andrea Telli, Commissioner

With nearly 30 years of experience leading library and branch operations with Chicago Public Library, Andrea Telli is a recognized champion of urban libraries. Appointed by Mayor Lori Lightfoot in 2019, she oversees one of the largest big-city library systems in the world, with an annual budget of $130 million, 81 branches, three regional hubs and a 750,000-square-foot central library.

Telli is a seasoned leader in setting and delivering on systemwide priorities for Chicago Public Library. In 2012, she was named Assistant Commissioner of Neighborhood Services. In this role, she represented CPL as a mentor librarian through the International Network of Emerging Library Leaders, funded through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2018, she became Deputy Commissioner of Public Services, adding oversight of CPL’s flagship central library, Harold Washington Library Center to her portfolio.

Prior to her systemwide roles at CPL, Telli was the Central District Chief and manager of the Humboldt Park Branch, among other roles. She received her bachelor of arts in Spanish from Drake University, a master’s in Spanish literature from Georgetown University and a master’s in library science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Mary Ellen Messner, First Deputy Commissioner

Maggie Clemons, Deputy Commissioner, Library Operations and Patron Experience

Baronica Roberson, Deputy Commissioner, Administration and Finance

Michelle Carnes, Division Chief, Specialized Services

Keri Cascio, Assistant Commissioner, Technology, Content and Innovation

Craig Davis, Director, Adult Services

Greg Diaz, Chief, District 4, Central East

Jason Driver, Chief, District 3, Central West & Legler Regional

Jeremy Dunn, Director, Teen Services

Mary Emmanuel, Director, Finance

Karl Guider, Assistant Commissioner, Facility Planning and Building Operations

Maria Kellner-Ligammari, Director, Procurement

Vignesh Krishnamurthy, Chief Operations Analyst

Brent Lipinski, Chief, District 5, Southwest

Shenita Mack, Division Chief, General Information Services

Diane Marshbank, Director, Program and Service Innovation

Patrick Molloy, Director, Government and Public Affairs

Julie Morgan, Director, Staff and Organization Development

Dana Revilla, Chief, District 2, Northeast & Sulzer Regional

Greg Rodriguez, Chief, District 1, Northwest

Nesha Saunders, Chief, District 6, Southeast & Woodson Regional

Veleda Simpson, Director, Woodson Regional

Summer Sparacin, Director, Library Programs and Events

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