Strategic Plan

2020-2024 Strategy

2020 has truly been a remarkable and humbling time in our city and across the country. We're navigating a global pandemic that has dramatically altered the economic and social landscapes of our city. However, what remains constant is that the collections, programs and services Chicago Public Library provides for relevant, non-biased information are more essential than ever to help foster equity, inclusion and healing in our city.

We are in a unique moment to shape CPL's future path. To that end, Chicago Public Library 2020-2024 Strategy lays out a vision for the future that's more important now than ever. It reflects the best of who we are, highlighting the passion and commitment of staff across all our locations.

Our 2020-2024 Strategy speaks truth to the critical role we play in our city:

  • We provide free and open access to information and experiences.
  • We encourage exploration and nurture learning.
  • We create respectful, safe and welcoming spaces.
  • We share pride and purpose.
  • We value creativity and resourcefulness.
  • We broaden the perception of what a library can be.

We would like to thank the CPL Board of Directors and our partners, as well as the Chicago Public Library Foundation for its support. Finally, this strategy would not have been possible without the generous support of the MacArthur Foundation.

2015-2019 Strategy

In summer 2014, we presented Chicago Public Library 2015-2019 Strategy to respond to the evolving needs of patrons trying to learn, thrive and grow in the 21st century by nurturing learning, supporting economic advancement and strengthening communities.

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