52 CPL locations are polling locations on Tuesday, November 3 and will be open for voting only. See our Reopening FAQs and Hours & Locations for help planning your visit.

Online Resources

Available anywhere: the Chicago Tribune archives, Mango Languages, Morningstar, eBooks, magazines and much more.

Mango Languages

Lessons in 70+ languages, including English.

5 Articles: Comeback Stories That Comfort, Inspire

These comeback stories explore how musicians, businesses and a sports hero have roared back to life.

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Job and Career Resources

Job Seekers, Get Help with Brainfuse

Get personal feedback on your resume within 24 hours from an online writing coach.

Grow Your Computer Skills with Chicago DigitalLearn

Do you need to build your computer skills? Chicago DigitalLearn has short video courses to help you learn how to use a computer.

Start Using eBooks

Interested in eBooks? Get Started with CPL

Want to try eBooks, or interested in learning more about eBooks at CPL?

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Chicago residents who've never had a CPL card can apply for a library card online.
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