What Do You Know about Snow?

Have you ever wondered if all snowflakes are the same? Or if snow is actually white? Or is there anywhere in the United States that has never had snow?

While we wait for our next snow storm, get ready for some snow adventures with these chilly reads.

Find all the answers about snow in The Story of Snow. Filled with fun facts and photographs, this book will make your anxious for some of the white stuff so you can build your own snowflake observation stage.

In Snowflake Bentley, learn about the scientist who photographed thousands of individual snowflakes, Mr. Wilson Bentley. Watch Science Online's video to find out even more about how Mr. Bentley worked and what discoveries he made, then take a look at over two thousand of Mr. Bentley's amazing snowflake photographs in Snow Crystals.

Once you've filled your head with information about snow, grab a cup of hot chocolate and read Terrible Storm. This is the hilarious semi-true story of Grandpa Otis and Grandpa Clark's unusual experiences during the blizzard of 1888.

Now hurry outside and see if you can tell one snowflake from another! When you get back you can read more about the science of snow.