It’s a Pirate’s Life for You: Books for Kids

Pirates are an adventurous bunch that love treasures, ships and causing mischief. Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19, is the perfect time to learn cool pirate facts and test your skills to see if you have what it takes to be a pirate. So 'urry up matey an' let's begin!


Have you ever wondered Who Was Blackbeard? He was actually one of the most feared and notorious pirates in history and much, much more.

Learn How to Draw Pirates and then put your artistic talents to work sketching ships, swords and parrots.

Next, follow along as Jeremy Jacob tells of singing sea chanteys, learning pirate lingo and eating with his hands in How I Became A Pirate. Then, find out that Pirates Don't Change Diapers in Jeremy's second tale.

In Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map, join Pete and his crew while they battle a sea monster and look for hidden treasure.


Once you've had your fill of pirate stories, let's put your pirate skills to the test!

Jolly job, matey! Now go share all the pirate skills you learned with a friend!