Kids, Make Your Stories Come Alive

Winter is a great time to get cozy indoors! When I'm snuggled under a blanket, my favorite thing to do is read a book. Stories can transport you far away from the cold winter. Some people prefer to watch their stories in the form of TV or movies, others like graphic novels or audiobooks. Some prefer to make their own stories! You can explore stories however you want. See how stories can move you or just move.


Have you ever wanted to draw a story that actually moves? There are plenty of ways to put your stories in motion.

Make a zoetrope! From computer animated movies like Coco to stop motion animation like Coraline to hand drawn animation like The Princess and the Frog, animation works the same way no matter how you create it. Animated movies are made up of still images that are played really fast to make it appear like they are moving. A zoetrope can animate a short sequence of images, and you can make it with items you can find at home. Librarian Megan shows how to make one using household supplies, or pick up these supplies in a grab and go kit at your neighborhood library.

Create your own flipbook using sticky notes or by taping together index cards.

Use some leftover cardboard and help from a grown-up to create this magical forest to tell even more stories.


You can read these books to feel transported or take inspiration to create your own stories!

Niko Draws A Feeling: Niko's art is very special to him, but no one understands it until he makes a new friend.

Doodleville: In Drew's world, your drawings can come to life! What happens when your drawings come to life but don't act like you expected?

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon: Minli is inspired by her father's fantastic storytelling to go on an adventure to find the Old Man in the Moon. Will she find what she expects, or something even better?

What stories will you set in motion this winter?