Día: Children’s Day/Book Day

On April 30, we celebrate children, books and family.

ALA’s Día Children’s Day/Book Day is a national movement that commits to celebrating children and fostering literacy while including a variety of cultures and languages. Did you know that Día was inspired by El Día del Niño/Day of the Child? El Día del Niño began in 1925 and is largely celebrated in Mexico and other Latin American countries on April 30. It was designated as a day to highlight the importance of children’s rights and their well-being.

Join the Día celebrations at special events throughout the city in the days leading up to April 30. Or try these books and activities!


Join Coco Rocho in My party. The repetitive bilingual text showcasing the fun fiesta elements will have you ready to party!

A group of children find joy “at the edge of the no-go desert” in The Patchwork Bike. This title beautifully highlights the endless imagination and perseverance of children. The sheer joy of children at play is shown in the stunning mixed media artwork on cardboard.

In We All Play you will find that animals hide, hop, swim, chase and play just like children. Celebrate your connection with nature while learning Cree words throughout the story.

Areli Is A Dreamer/Areli es una dreamer written by DACA recipient Areli Morales, is based on the author’s journey from Mexico to New York to be with her family. Adjusting to a new country as an undocumented immigrant was challenging. She faced many obstacles like bullying, fear of deportation and learning a new language. Areli learned to love this new place and dreamed, “I could do anything here.” She says, “Someday, I will”. 

Take a stroll with Mia and her uncle as they make their way Ten Blocks to the Big Wok to get some dim sum. This fun bilingual story will have you counting in both languages and enjoying all the symbols of Chinese culture they encounter along the way.

In Tomatoes for Neela there is nothing more special to Neela than the treasured moments spent cooking with her amma when she feels like her paati is close even if she’s in India. One day the cloth-covered book filled with Paati’s recipes will also belong to her. Celebrate family, traditions and culture through delicious food and find tomato facts and recipes in the back. 

It’s not easy to move from Central America to the United States to a new home. Rocio is missing “the pretty song of her language,” the sweet treats at celebrations, warm tortillas, but above all her Abuela. Abuela finds the perfect surprise to send to Rocio With Lots of Love/Con mucho amor.

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  • Create your very own DIY party hats to start your Día celebration at home. 
  • Make some simple confetti poppers with paper cups and balloons!
  • No party would be complete without some fun DIY noise makers. You'll need some paper plates, craft sticks, glue dots, popcorn or beans, and items to decorate like markers or stickers.
  • Celebrations wouldn't be complete without a piñata! Try making these DIY mini piñatas with toilet paper rolls, tissue paper and glue.