Reading Gets You Ready: Colors

Are you looking for ways to help your child practice school readiness skills at home to prepare for kindergarten? When beginning kindergarten, a child needs to have some basic knowledge of certain concepts. It sounds complicated, but you’ll be surprised by how many of these things you’re already doing with your child. Colors and shapes…
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Craft Your Own Story, Kids

Have you ever wanted to write your own story? All you need is some paper, something to write with and an idea. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Scholastic’s Story Starters for some quick ideas. Librarian Amy from Northtown Branch shares some books and activities to craft your own stories. Jerome is…
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Nature’s Architects: Birds

Wow! Birds use that to make their homes!? Have you ever seen a bird construct its nest? Birds are little architects that use their environment to make their homes. Librarian Susana from Chicago Lawn Branch suggests some books and crafts that feature birds. Did you know not all birds build the same kinds of nests…
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