Celebrate National LEGO Day

Do you have a LEGO® fanatic at home? If so, it might be LEGO® day every day, but did you know that January 28 is actually National LEGO Day? My little builder used to spend hours on his LEGO® creations. I was always amazed at how his imagination and skills evolved every time he picked up a little brick. 

Join one of the LEGO® programs at the library for some building fun and open play. Here are some recommended titles to find out more and get inspiration for your next great build!

Read What Is LEGO? to learn cool history and facts all about LEGO®.  For example, how did they choose the name LEGO® and how many millions of LEGO® did it take to build the largest LEGO® vehicle?

For the beginner builder, Build It! provides quick and easy projects. If you're looking for something more challenging, check out Genius LEGO Inventions With Bricks You Already Have. This will provide some interactive builds like catapults, pulleys and even a pinball game!

Build a whole village with ideas in three different skill levels from How to Build LEGO Houses. For even more buildings you can also look at Brick Buildings. Both books have an adorable gingerbread house!

If vehicles are more of interest to your master builder try The LEGO Build-it Book or How to Build LEGO Cars to build models going from easy to advanced.

What's your favorite project to build with LEGO bricks?