Winter Games for Kids

When it's cold outside, there is nothing like a game or puzzle to keep you warm indoors. Unless you like playing in the crisp air outdoors where you can see your breath! You can play plenty of fun winter games outside, too, especially if there is snow. Either one is a great choice as long as you've got the right clothing. Don't go outside in your slippers! 

Wherever you are this winter, there are some great activities and books to keep your brain working and having fun.


  • Want to create your own board game? Library and digital media specialist Anna Kim from Chicago Public Schools will show you how to do it.

  • If you have a catapult, you can play all sorts of games. Follow along with Ms. Susana to make your own.

  • Want to play Picture This, a fun game featuring items you have in your house? Learn the rules along with Lori and Kira. 


The Kids' Winter Fun Book: Looking for some outdoor fun? This book suggests lots of fun options from winter photography to making a snow fort.

Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes: Staying indoors? Dive into the world of Ruby Redfort! Ruby is no stranger to codes and puzzles. She's so good that she gets recruited by a secret spy agency as a middle schooler.

Little Dog Lost: If there is anyone who knows how to have fun in the cold, it's Molly of Denali. When her friend Tooey's new sled dog goes missing after a snowy tumble, how will Molly and Tooey find her?

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