Play Games from Around the World

When I was a kid, my favorite game was mancala. I played it all the time with my friends. We would play for hours, tournament style, seeing who could win the most games. But I didn't know anything about the history of my favorite game. Mancala has been played in many different cultures for thousands of years. The word mancala means "transferring" in Arabic because stones or seeds are transferred to different spots around the board.

This summer, use our printable mancala board to try playing this well-known game. Find more games from around the world to play in these great books.

Learn more variations of mancala in Math Games and Activities From Around the World. Plus, you'll find variations of three-in-a-row games, games of chance and number puzzles that you can play with supplies you have around the house.

Grab some chalk and head outside to try these games of Hopscotch Around the World. Can you hop through all the games in this book?

Soccer is loved around the world, even if everyone outside the United States calls it football. Get on The Field with this team of kids playing an action-packed game of soccer in the Caribbean in English and Creole.

Pay Attention, Carter Jones: Learn cricket along with Carter Jones. Carter is an all-American boy who never knew he needed this English sport until his family wound up with an English butler who doubles as a cricket coach.

What's your favorite game played around the world?