It’s All About Play in These Books for Kids

How many different ways have you found to play during the Summer Learning Challenge? Our Explorers at Play have been playing in so many ways in and out of the library. When you need to take a break from playing, relax with one of these books about play until you're ready for the next round.

One of my favorite ways to play as a kid was by pushing my stuffed bunny around in a bunny-sized stroller. Teddy's Favorite Toy is Bren-Da, Warrior Queen of Pacifica. When something goes wrong and she's not there, what will he do?

Charlotte prefers technology to dolls. That is, until she figures out how to upgrade the tech in DOLL-E 1.0

What do you think goes on in the mind of your stuffed animals? Toys Go Out features the escapades of a couple of stuffed animals and a mysterious toy named Plastic as their human plays with them.

Do you like to build? I loved playing with blocks and LEGO with my younger brothers. Usually, they helped me, unlike Ruby's brothers in The Little Red Fort, who don't want to help and only want to play.

Pearl gets a hand from her robot Pascal when she needs help with her structure in How to Code A Sandcastle.

In Blocks, Ruby and Benji are each building with their own set of colored blocks. What will happen when they run out and have to use another color?

It's always fun to play with toys on wheels!  Want to Play Trucks? Jack does but Alex has different ideas about how to play trucks, so they have to work out a compromise.

In My Little Car, Teresa has the coolest pedal car in the neighborhood and loves showing off her tiny ranfla lowrider to the neighbors. You'll love taking a ride with Teresa!

What's your favorite book about play?