Something to Puzzle About: Books for Kids

Have you ever tried to solve a Rubik's cube? I love looking at the colorful cube, but it can be a really hard puzzle to solve if you don't know the tricks. Inventor Ernő Rubik loved puzzles, especially finding ways to put together physical shapes. His cube is a fun puzzle that it still exists today!

Let's celebrate Rubik's birthday by doing some reading and playing with different kinds of puzzles and games:

Ernő Rubik And His Magic Cube: Ernő never set out to make a puzzle cube. He just wanted to put little cubes together into a big cube and make them able to move. Then he scrambled it and it turned into a new kind of puzzle for the rest of us.

Lucky Scramble: Did you know there are competitions to see who can solve a Rubik's cube the fastest? Meet these fictional competitors, starting with Tyler, who has been dedicated to speed cubing since his father died. Follow these interesting characters as they compete to be the speediest--from Izzy and Lizzy, twins with twin solving times, to Dirk Speedman, the cocky undefeated champion.

Mr. Lemoncello's Library is about to open! Kyle Keeley loves games--and Mr. Lemoncello is known for games--but he's grounded from gaming. If you've read this story in it's original format, you know Kyle and 11 others get to go into Mr. Lemoncello's Library for the ultimate game. Try this story as a graphic novel and dive into the amazing world of Mr. Lemoncello in full color.

How to Test A Friendship: Join best friends, Pablo and Violet, as they start the school year by entering the Maker Maze with the new kid, Deepak. The Maker Maze is full of science challenges and puzzles. Can they work together as a trio to solve them and get back to class?

Leviathan: This is no ordinary comic! You are playing a game, making choices and following the lines between the panels to see where they lead. Start at the tavern, order something and decide who you'll be on this adventure to defeat the Leviathan!

Much Ado About Baseball: Ben and Trish should be able to bond over being on the same baseball team, but it turns out their love of math puzzles is really what brings them together.