Have a Playful Day: Ways to Play At Home

What is play to you? Some people like to climb trees or play soccer. You might love doing puzzles or building towers. Maybe your family likes pretending to be dinosaurs and telling silly stories! In my family, we love word games, playing in the tub or pool, and sometimes even playing with our food. 

We're celebrating play with Day of Play on October 10. Join us for special story times, online events, games, music and more.

An amazing thing about play is that our brains love it! Scientists agree that play helps kids to learn language and good math thinking. Plus, it keeps people of all ages healthy, happy and curious. When you make time for your family to play, you’re making a smart move. Are you ready to play? Today is a good day to play. Find some playful inspiration in these books and activities.


Frank Lloyd Wright said what he learned from his childhood blocks influenced his lifelong work. Blocks, a bold picture book for the youngest kids, tells a simple story of two little builders who end up learning a great lesson through block play.

Princess Cora and the Crocodile: Cora always follows the rules--but when a very naughty crocodile brings chaos to the castle, she gets a chance to let loose and play.

Things That Float and Things That Don't: How do you find out about the world around you? You play, of course! Just like a scientist. Get ready to fill up the sink and experiment.

Wonder what games kids play in Ghana? Or Germany? Or how people played a thousand years ago? Don’t just learn about it--play it! Math Games and Activities From Around the World is filled with games, puzzles, and activities.

150+ Screen-free Activities for Kids: We could all use a screen break. Paint, drum, make, squish, and do it all unplugged! Get some inspiration for ways to be playful, silly and creative.


Cooped up inside? Here are a few ways to play at home.

  • Play hide and seek with an object: hide it anywhere in the room, another person has to find it.
  • Construct an obstacle course. Remember to be safe!
  • Put on a puppet show: puppets can be anything--spoons, socks, your hands…
  • Draw a picture of your family, but draw everyone as if they were a robot!
  • Look around for materials you can use to build a bridge. How long can you build it? How high?

How did you play today? If you tried one of these activities as part of the Day of Play, tell us how you played and you could win a special play set.