Kids Can Cook: Books and Activities

The cool fall weather has us seeking comfort and warmth, making it a great time to include children in the kitchen to help cook some yummy comfort food. Even our youngest family members can join the fun with some assistance. I have fond memories of scooping masa and helping my mom make tamales around the holidays. You'll be creating new family traditions and memories as you spend time cooking together.


Lizzie, aka Little Chef, is excited to be making a special meal for her grandmother. Lizzie knows all real chefs include a secret ingredient in their special dishes, and she’s determined to find one for her Super Special Smashed Sweet Potatoes. Lizzie’s special dish recipe is included.

Cora Cooks Pancit: Cora has been waiting her turn to help Mama prepare one of her delicious Filipino dishes. When the chance finally appears Cora gets to wear her Lolo’s (grandpa’s) apron and hear all about his life in the Philippines and how Mama spent her days in the kitchen with him. Find the recipe for pancit at the end of the book.

Fry Bread has been cooked by Native American families for over 150 years. With beautiful illustrations featuring Indigenous families, you'll relish the joy of cooking, from the sights to the the sounds to the flavors! This book features the recipe for fry bread.

Salma the Syrian Chef: Leaving your dad and your home behind for a new country is not easy. Salma decides the best way to cheer up her mom is to cook Syrian food with the help of new friends from the Welcome Center.

If you're interested in spending more time in the kitchen as a family, check out Cooking Class Global Feast!, The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs, My Very First Cookbook or The Young Chef


  • This English muffin pizza toddler recipe is a fun and easy way to try cooking with toddlers.
  • These fruit and cracker pizzas will be a hit! Little hands will love spreading the cream cheese and adding the fruit.
  • Kids of all ages will enjoy sifting the flour and whisking eggs in this cheese and veg muffins recipe.
  • Enjoy some sweet or savory pancake muffins following very simple instructions.
  • We recently made our own ice cream in a bag at home and it was hit.
  • For another bag recipe, try making bread in a bag! This recipe does have more steps, and the last one is baking but the final result will be worth the extra steps.
  • If you’d like to watch a little chef having some fun in the kitchen, tune in to see Kobe Eats

What are some of your family's favorite recipes?