A Story to Tell: Writing and Illustrating for Kids

Have you ever thought about writing your own book? Have you imagined stories based on a favorite toy or pet? You might already have everything you need to get started. You may even be able to create an illustrated story with no words! You’d be surprised by how many stories you have stored just waiting to be written.

Here are some books and activities to jump start your creativity.


Milo Imagines the World: Milo and his sister are on their monthly subway ride to visit their parent at a detention center. Follow Milo and discover each of the stories and drawings that he creates for his fellow train riders, as he wonders what kind of stories they see when they look at him.

Written and Drawn by Henrietta: In this book for beginning readers, Henrietta brings her imagination and colored pencils to create her very own story. Kids will love the comic book style and Henrietta’s thought process as she creates her story.

Rufus the Writer: Do you know what’s even better than having a lemonade stand in summer? A story stand! Rufus knows all he needs for his stand is paper, pencils, markers and lots of imagination. Inspired by his surroundings, soon he is writing and illustrating stories for all of his friends. Will Rufus's stories inspire you to create your own?

Drawn Together: There are times that words aren’t necessary to tell a story. The young boy in this story gets frustrated visiting his grandfather, who doesn’t speak the same language. But when the boy brings out his sketchpad and markers and grandpa brings out his ink and pen, they find a beautiful new way to communicate and tell stories using their shared love for art. 

Bad Kitty: Kitty is always getting herself into trouble, but is she really bad? In each chapter, the author behind Bad Kitty gives you tips on how to write your very own entertaining story. Soon you will be ready to write your own story for others to enjoy as much as Bad Kitty’s adventures.


  • Do you need some help to start a story? At Imagine Forest you will find their list of June Writing Prompts perfect for summer. The most fun one I see is: Describe the most delicious and most stunning doughnut ever seen.
  • Need some help organizing your own story? This Story Writing Ideas for Kids blog has a helpful story writing pack. 
  • Interested in getting more tips and tricks to start writing? Join one of Ms. April's weekly Kids Write! events. 
  • Children's books feature different types of illustrations. Join one of the Summer Learning Challenge art events to practice different art techniques. Below are a two that will run weekly.
    • Art Explorers: Each Tuesday will feature a different artist and style. 
    • Explore with Art: Join librarians from Legler Regional Library as they explore different art techniques such as paper sculptures, string painting and more.