Picture This: The Art and Science of Photography for Kids

From "say cheese!" to selfies, photography is part of our daily lives, thanks to the work of many scientists and inventors over the past 200 years. Artists use cameras as creative tools that allow them to make stunning images that often evoke strong emotions. Explore the art and science of photography in these books; then, learn to take your own pictures.

Learn all about light, which makes photography possible, from Walter Wick's A Ray of Light. With jaw-dropping photographs that illustrate the science of light, you will be inspired to explore light when you take pictures.

Think you might like a career as a photographer? Follow wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas as she treks the globe working to capture fantastic pictures of wild animals in My Wild Life. Learn about her career and her passion for helping animals that have been harmed by human activity.

Photographers can also have their work used to illustrate beautiful books. Revel in the stunning photos Charles R. Smith, Jr. created to illustrate the words of a famous Langston Hughes poem in My People.

Check out Thank You, Earth, with April Pulley Sayre's clear photographs of nature scenes around the world.

Celebrate city scenes with Nina Crews' playful photo collages of one girl's neighborhood adventures One Hot Summer Day.

Now that you have explored many different aspects of photography, try taking your own pictures. Get some hints about how to take great pictures and safely share them with friends or family from Sharing Photos Online.

Who or what do you love to photograph?