Be Mine, Funny Valentine

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! It's the time of year for hearts, chocolate, flowers and love.

While your chocolates might melt and your flowers may wilt, these sweet treats will be around for a very long time.

When an ordinary boy realizes it's Valentine's Day, he turns into A Crankenstein Valentine! See all of the monstrous expressions that Caldecott-winning illustrator Dan Santat has drawn as Crankenstein reacts to heart undies (YECHHH!), roses (YECHHH!), and cheesy cards (YECHHH!). Hopefully Crankenstein can find a way to sweeten up on this yuckiest day of the year.

Poetry has always been a great way to show someone you care. For something a little different, try saying I Haiku You this Valentine's Day. Each of the poems express the joys of childhood, friendship and love and may inspire you to create your own haiku for a special friend.

Do you have a secret admirer? When Melvin the cement mixer receives a mysterious Valentine, he searches all of Trucktown to find his secret crush. Will Melvin's Valentine be revealed?

You can't make it through February 14 without reading Attack of the 50-ft. Cupid. When mad scientist Franny K Stein's Valentine poem generator malfunctions, it sets a 50-foot arrow-shooting Cupid on the loose. Can Franny fix it? Will Valentine's Day be ruined? If you love the stories of Captain Underpants, hurry and grab this book.

For even more Valentine's reads, try one of our recommended titles.