Will U B Mine? Sweet Valentine’s Day Tales for Young Readers

As Valentine's Day approaches, the familiar flavor of those candy "conversation hearts" stirs up memories of exchanging cut-paper valentines with my grade school classmates and dancing my first slow dance in the gym. Look no further than these sweet tales of secret admirers, hand-made cards and first crushes to feel the love this Valentine's Day.

Mouse and Mole, Secret Valentine is a beginner chapter book about best friends who each have a secret; they get butterflies around each other.  When Mouse receives an invitation to the Valentine's Day dance from a secret admirer, readers will guess who it's from long before she does.  Not a word is wasted in this lovely story that includes directions for making your own Valentine cards.

In Apple Cake, Ida keeps her nose stuck in a book while Alfonso does everything he can to get her attention until he bakes her a magical cake made of apples, "salt from the deep blue sea, butter from the summer sun, and flour like snowflakes from the night sky".  Wispy and whimsical illustrations add charm to this delicious tale which includes the author's great-grandmother's actual apple cake recipe.

Slugs in Love introduces two sweet slugs, Marylou and Herbie, and Marylou's attempts to let Herbie know she's got her sluggy eyes on him.  With poems written in slime, missed connections and a lot of humor, it's a joy to see these not-so-cuddly creatures finally meet cute.

The Yuckiest, Stinkiest, Best Valentine Ever: Nervous Leon plans to declare his love for Zoey Maloney on a handmade Valentine, but his heart-shaped paper creation suddenly springs to life and has other ideas shouting, "Love is yucky. Stinky too. It will turn your brain to goo!" Thus begins a madcap chase through town that ends abruptly when Leon's Valentine meets Zoe's Valentine and has a change of heart.

Captain Awesome Gets Crushed: Captain Awesome and Nacho Cheese Man are on high alert; it's February, and pink and red hearts have begun to appear in their cubbies.  But, what's this?  Supersonic Sal, aka Sally, has Valentines in her cubby too.  Why should Captain Awesome care?  Could it be that he is secretly hoping Sal might give him a special Valentine?  Enough distraction, Captain.  Focus is the only thing that will help you survive this "evil pink holiday".