Celebrate National Library Week 2015

Did you know that there's a week every year set aside to honor libraries and librarians?

I love National Library Week because it's the perfect opportunity to share my favorite children's books about libraries and librarians.  You can read these books aloud, I promise this librarian won't shush you!

Ever wanted to explore the library after dark?  If you're a book-loving bat, night time is the right time for Bats at the Library to swoop through the stacks, frolic in a fountain and cozy up with a great story.  Aside from the adorably painted creatures of the night, and delightful rhyming text, my favorite parts of this book are the bat-themed literary parodies like "Goodnight, Sun" instead of the classic Goodnight, Moon

In A Library Book for Bear, grumpy but loveable Bear cannot be convinced there are any books in the library he'll enjoy.  His ever-cheerful friend, Mouse, searches high and low to find Bear just the right title. Nothing captures his attention...until a librarian invites him to story time!

Seventh-grader Kyle is thrilled to be one of only 12 kids invited to spend the night at his town's newly built public library, especially since his hero, Luigi Lemoncello, designed it himself.  When morning comes and the library doors are still locked, the kids wonder if they'll ever solve all the literary and word puzzles in order to Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library.

When war comes to Alia's town in Iraq, this passionate and brave librarian does all she can to save the 30,000 precious books in her collection from being destroyed, including storing them in her own home for safe-keeping. Based on a true story, The Librarian of Basra is a moving tale that reminds us how lucky we are to have access to free libraries and library materials.

What's your favorite book about the library?