It’s Hot Air Balloon Day!

There are many ways to get from one place to another. Like me, you've probably traveled by bus, train, plane or car, but have you ever taken a ride in a hot air balloon?

Hot air balloons have been around since the 1700's. Their name tells you how they work. As the air inside the balloon is heated the balloon begins to rise because hot air is lighter than cool air. It's science!

You don't have to wait until the June 20 to launch your Summer Learning Challenge reading. Check out this high flying books on ballooning!

Start with the hilarious Hot Air. This is the mostly true story of the first "manned" hot air balloon ride. Find out what happens as the first passengers (a duck, a rooster and a sheep) fly higher and higher and higher in their hot air balloon.

The Amazing Air Balloon tells the story of 13-year-old Edward Warren who was the first person to fly in a hot air balloon. Read this book to experience the excitement and freedom that comes with flying.

A perfect read aloud is The Twenty-One Balloons. This is the thrilling adventure of Professor William Sherman Waterman as he encounters sights and inventions that will boggle the mind. Take off with the professor on his extraordinary ballooning adventure.

Make your own Hot Air Balloon with household materials and your imagination.

For even more high flying adventures, try these ballooning books!