Pixie Dust, Nature & Practical Jokes: Read Like a Fairy

Fairies are magical beings who love nature, the outdoors and playing tricks on people! They also have their own special skills and I'd like to think that they are great readers, but what might a fairy like to read? 

Fairy folk are often self-centered, so they'd certainly love books about themselves, including The Book of Fairies.

Even magical creatures have their own celebrities, so fairies might enjoy Peter Pan and the most famous fairy of them all, Tinker Bell

Fairies love to hide just out of sight, so they would think Backyard Fairies are very clever, as a little girl tries to find them while they duck behind tree stumps and dance underground.

In your backyard and beyond, fairies are all about the natural world. They love the beauty of Drawn From Nature, with illustrations made from pressed flowers and plants. Fairies also enjoy paging through the wordless book Nature to make connections between all the living things around them.

They may not like to admit it, but fairies really do like being around people. Unfortunately for us, it's because they like to pull pranks and jokes on us. Even fairies need new ideas sometimes, so they turn to the Pranklopedia for new mischief making plans.

Now that you know what fairies like to read, you can use your new knowledge to try to spot one yourself. How to Draw Fairies plays right into their vanity. Perhaps you will get a peek at one looking at the drawings you create!