Read Like a Leprechaun

Answer ye my riddles three, and my greatest treasure I'll share with thee:

I wear buckled shoes but I'm not an elf.
I love the color green but I'm not the Lorax.
I'm always on the other side of the rainbow, but I'm not from Oz.
Who am I?

Did you guess a leprechaun?

Well, don't expect a pot of gold, reading is my greatest treasure. Here are some books to help you read like me.

Pretty sneaky aren't I? In stories like How to Catch A Leprechaun and The Leprechaun Under the Bed, we leprechauns prove ourselves to be quite the tricksters.

Perhaps that's why we're so inspired by trickster tales. Like when a spider and his wife outsmart the Sky God in Anansi Does the Impossible! and a grandmother fools Death in Just A Minute. Or how Fin M'Coul, a giant, was protected not by his strength, but by his clever wife.

Leprechauns have appeared in Irish folk and fairy tales since people started recording them. That's why we love the dragons and fairies of Magical Celtic Tales and the book of Leprechaun Tales.

Magic books like 101 Ways to Amaze & Entertain and The Ultimate Spell-caster are also popular in our community. From card tricks to jokes to hilarious hexes, these books have it all! Is risking being turned into a "hipster-bearded eel feeler" worth the cost of stealing a pot of gold? 

To learn more about leprechauns, read Leprechauns. And, as the leprechaun said on March 17, Irish you all A Fine St. Patrick's Day