Calling All Grandparents!: Books to Celebrate Grandparents’ Day

We love all the grownups in our lives, but there are some that are extra special: grandparents!

On September 10, celebrate these extra special, extra magical grownups with fun-filled stories all about the love between children and their grandparents.

Sometimes, you don't need words to show love. In Quiet Time With My Seeya, Sona and her grandfather don't even speak the same language! But the time they spend together is still her favorite, no matter how loud or quiet.

You Be Grandma, just for tonight. When it's time for bed and Grandma is too tired for their bedtime routine, it's time for her granddaughter to take charge and "be Grandma" for a little while.

It's time for a "date night" with Luna, and Nana and Abuela are ready for an amazing night. But when Luna mixes her Spanish and English together, everyone has to work together to figure out what she wants.

What could be better than a Grandparents Day! Brother and Sister get to spend a whole day with their grandparents, exploring museums, eating tasty treats and having a mountain of fun!

In Gigi and Ojiji, Gigi is so excited that her grandfather is coming to live with them all the way from Japan. But what happens when all her dreams of things they will do together seem to fall apart? What if Ojiji doesn't even like her? 

A Grandma's Magic is the best kind of magic. It makes the best adventures, the tastiest foods and everything in between more special. But what happens when Grandma has to go home? Where does her magic go?

What will you do to celebrate your grandparents?