Day of the Dead: Must Reads for Tweens

Did you know that Day of the Dead (or Día de los Muertos) is not the same as Halloween? Though celebrations start at midnight on October 31, when the line between the realm of the dead and the world of the living things, Día is celebrated through November 2, called All Soul's Day.

During this time, families celebrate and remember their loved ones with a variety of beautiful ofrendas (or offerings for your departed loved ones), food, flowers, music and most of all, each other. Check out these outstanding offerings we are sharing with you!

Celebrating Day of the Dead is a great way to start learning about this amazing holiday honoring our ancestors.

Glorieta Magdalena Davis Espinosa wants to hear stories about her mother. All she wants is to hear her name and remember her in Days of the Dead. But her Mama's death was unusual and she can't convince her Tia to let the family celebrate. Will this Day of the Dead pass by without her mother's memory?

A Dash of Trouble perfectly describes 12-year-old Leo, who is not a little kid anymore, thank you very much. So when she sneaks home from school to help her family with their Día celebrations and discovers a big family secret, it is no surprise that she thinks she can handle it all on her own.

Angelito is afraid of the Land of the Living in The Dead Family Diaz. Will he run away from humans just as fast as his bony feet can take him, or will he find that there is less to be afraid of than he once thought?

Cece doesn't think about the criaturas that live in the desert outside her home the same way the rest of her family does in Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls. But when her older sister is kidnapped, Cece must brave them all to bring her back, even if it means keeping secrets from the rest of her family...and all the other brujas too!

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