Books About Holidays Around the World

It's always fun to celebrate the holidays! Whether it's Christmas, Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, you should always celebrate and have fun with friends and loved ones. For families, most holidays and traditions play a role in their beliefs and values; this is especially true for other countries who celebrate in their way. Below are titles that introduce readers to different cultures and traditions.

Melba loves the bright lights and festive sounds of Carnival, an annual holiday celebrated on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. In To Carnival!, Melba wants to go to this special parade and wonders who she will meet along the way. 

Confetti, beignets and balloons galore! In Delphine Denise and the Mardi Gras Prize, Delphine has always loved Mardi Gras. Every year, she rides a float with her friends but this time, there's a prize for the best float. Will Delphine remember the true spirit of Mardi Gras despite the competition? 

Bright lights, beautiful piñatas and delicious food can be found at any Cinco de Mayo celebration! Just ask Mouse, who simply wants a yummy piece of candy. In Cinco De Mouse-O!, Mouse isn't the only one searching for food. Cat is on the prowl and wants Mouse on his menu.

Monsters should only come out on Halloween, not during Nowruz. In The Monster in the Bathhouse three precocious boys want to begin the New Year fresh and clean at the bathhouse. It turns out that they aren't alone. The sound of splashing and strange noises is a mystery: is it a dog, hamster or a very scary monster?

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