Tales from the Cryptids: Books for Kids

Cryptids are creatures that lots of people have claimed to see but it hasn’t been proven that they exist (yet). These creatures include a bit of everything and are present in many cultures around the world.

Grab one of these books to read stories about them. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find one someday!

Chasing Bigfoot: A Cherokee teen spends time with extended family in North Carolina where his uncles tell him of the Bigfoot prophecy. Can he help save a sacred site from a developer?

ChupaCarter: A boy is sent to New Mexico to live with his grandparents and feels lonely until he meets a new friend: a chupacabra.

Dear Mothman: A trans boy writes letters to Mothman to deal with his grief over losing his best friend. Can he prove that Mothman really exists?

Nessie Quest: A girl joins her parents on a trip to Scotland where she meets new friends and embarks on a search for the Loch Ness Monster.

Cryptid Creatures: Learn about cryptozoology with information about 50 cryptids from around the world. Some of them have even proved to be real!

Which cryptid would you like to meet? Let us know in the comments!