Tales for Young Witches

Welcome, young witches.

Did you come here seeking spellbinding tales of enchanted forests, magic potions and flying pigs?

Then step over the threshold and into these stories.

Some kids set out looking for witches. The ancient town of Benevento is home to a clan of mischievous witches - and five cousins eager to learn more about them. Their adventures begin with Mischief Season.

Masha is unhappy when she learns that her father plans to remarry. So when she spots an ad that reads "ASSISTANT WANTED ASAP: Must have skills in hauling, obeying orders, cooking and cleaning. Magical talent a bonus. Must be good with heights. Enter Baba Yaga's house to apply," she decides to apply right away! That's how Masha becomes Baba Yaga's Assistant.

Meet Snapdragon - Snap for short. Snap is fearless. At least she'd like to be. When her dog goes missing, Snap sets out into the woods to rescue him. Her search brings her right to the witch's house. But what she finds isn't what she was expecting.

Sometimes witchcraft runs in the family. The women in Leo Logroño's family bake the most delicious pastries - you might almost say they're magical. But is there actual brujeria baked into the goodies they sell at Amor y Azúcar? Read A Dash of Trouble to find out. 

Aster knows the women in his family are magical, but he never expected he would share their talents! In The Hidden Witch, Aster's powers are tested when his friend Charlie is cursed.

Thirteen is a magical birthday for two witches. In the Japanese classic Kiki's Delivery Service, Kiki's thirteenth birthday means it's time for her to set out on her own and explore her powers in a series of magical adventures. And in The Okay Witch Moth Hush learns that the witchy fantasy realms she loves to read about might not be fantastical - they might be real - and that her mother has been keeping some pretty big secrets!

If all of these stories have you wanting to make a little magic of your own, be sure to check out The Little Witch's Book of Spells. This illustrated guide to witchcraft can't teach you how to fly but it can connect you with your inner power. Learn how to design a magical fairy garden, soak in a mermaid bath and brew up a get-well soon elixir. 

Best witches on your reading adventures!