Shipwreck Uncovered!

Antarctica, 1915. A ship crew watched helplessly as the ice swallowed their ship and sent it to the bottom of the sea. That was the last anyone saw of the Endurance.

Until now.

Researchers have located the Endurance!

For over a century, the sunken ship remained undiscovered, but a recovery team has announced that they’ve finally found it, over ten thousand feet below the icy ocean surface. And if you’re curious to discover something about the Endurance, its brave crew, and their amazing leader, Ernest Shackleton, the library is the place to start your expedition!

Picture book Ernest Shackleton is a perfect way for younger readers to start learning about Shackleton and his adventurous life.

Find out how, after the ship was lost, Shackleton managed to get every crewmember home alive, across miles of ice and stormy seas, in Ice Story.

Get ready for the extreme real-life survival story of the Endurance crew, in Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World. Read terrific details and gripping narrative, complete with photographs, maps and firsthand accounts.

Told alongside beautiful pencil drawings, the long, hard journey of the Endurance crew is told from beginning to end in Shackleton's Journey. Tons of fascinating details are included, like a diagram of all the tools and food they brought on the expedition.

In Race to the Bottom of the Earth, learn about two other Antarctic explorations, Captain Scott in 1910 and Captain Rudd in 2018.

In picture book Captain's Log: Snowbound, a young boy snowed in by a blizzard recounts his experiences with colorful embellishment, mirroring Shackleton’s journey. The author includes some information on the real tale of the Endurance.

The author of A Trip to the Bottom of the World With Mouse really visited Antarctica to make the details of this book realistic! Take the trip with Mouse to see what it’s like--and maybe you’ll be inspired to visit ‘The Ice’ someday yourself!

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For more underwater adventure, check out True Stories: Shipwrecks