Get in the Game: National Game and Puzzle Week

Spend time playing games instead of watching games during National Game and Puzzle week, November 23 -29! Part of the Million Minute Family Challenge™, this week is meant to increase appreciation of board games and puzzles while preserving quality family time. What better way to spice up this turkey day than to spend time with your family, playing your favorite board games or puzzles.

Don’t know where to start? Visit your neighborhood library and play one of the board games we have in our collections for use in the library. Or check out one of these great resources on games and puzzles:

The Games We Played: Celebrate the days of yore with this fascinating oversized retrospective of the heyday of board games.  Relive the most popular board games in this visual and entertaining coffee table reference.

24 Games You Can Play on a Checkerboard: Who knew that you could play so many games on a checker board!  Find out how in this informative book which gives directions for turning your ordinary checkerboard into 24 different games.  Dust off that old checkerboard and spice up the day with the kids while Dad is spicing up the turkey.

What in the World?: A nifty collection of visual puzzles inspired by the “I Spy” series.  Solve photo conundrums the National Geographic way with stunning photography while learning some cool facts about the world.

Mind-boggling Word Puzzles: Enjoy these 103 short brain teasers that will challenge kids and adults alike while sharpening language skills.  This is a great way to sneak in a little learning while having fun with family during the Thanksgiving holiday.