Leave the Cooking to the Kids

Have the kids run through all their shows? Too much downtime? Tired of the kids making a fort with the dining room chairs? Frustrated with homeschooling? Well, maybe it’s time to get the kids cooking. Cooking offers life skills, science basics, a departure from screen time and provides a positive way to spend time together as a family. Why not expand your stay-at-home days with cooking? No kids' cookbooks at home? No problem! Get started with these resources for your mini chefs.

Articles and eBooks

Learn how to cook with kids and keep it fun and simple with this informative article from Real Simple: "3 Easy Ways to Make 'Quarantine Cooking' With Kids More Manageable (and Fun)." (Love Real Simple? Read it online via Flipster.)

Have kids follow along with the recipes in these eBooks. This is a great way to keep their literacy skills sharp and learn how to read informational text.

Keep the out-of-school learning fun with Cooking Class, an introduction to cooking and easy-to-follow recipes.

After cooking school, have the kids take on baking with the simple recipes in Baking Class. Now get ready for endless cupcakes!

Take on a culinary adventure with National Geographic Kids Cookbook.

Make snack time fun with these simple and fun dinosaur-themed food and drinks in A Dinosaur Cookbook.

Virtual Classes

There are a lot of free virtual classes, too.  

The Kids Table is offering for a limited time fun and free weekly virtual classes plus an archive of the classes so you can watch anytime. 

The Green Giraffe Eats provides fun and easy-to-follow live cooking classes via Facebook. 

American chef and TV personality Christina Tosi provides a daily online baking club for families.

What are your kids' favorite simple recipes to make as a family?