Midwife Mysteries

Midwives are known for delivering babies, but as mystery writers well know, they are also keepers of secrets. Their job takes them from the echelons of society to the truly desperate, which makes them excellently placed to suss out the truth of a crime. All of the books I mention in this post are just as good…
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Going to the Movies with the Captain?

Are you waiting impatiently for the Captain Underpants movie and looking for some silly hi-jinks and caped capers? Well, never fear! The library is here! In our house, we have often checked out all the Dav Pilkey books we can carry—from picture books parodies, Dogzilla and Kat Kong, to the terrifically transitional Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot series and all…
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John Lennon told us to give peace a chance. He was shot. Martin Luther King, Jr. promoted nonviolent protest. He was shot, too. So was Gandhi, and I'd rather not get into what they did to Jesus. What I'm saying is that peace is hard. If, like I did, you try to find books about…
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