Shining Women Are People Too

In this age of big data and, it might be easy to think companies, especially our employers, have our best interests at heart. They know exactly what we want, before we want it. But as disasters such as the Deepwater Horizon explosion and leak show us, sometimes money comes before everything, even worker's lives…
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Let’s Go Crazy

Have you ever wanted to turn your back on everything and take off in such absurd directions that your actions become dangerous and offensive? No? Really? I guess I'm sorry, then. Everyone keeps telling me to stop talking like that, but there are just so many ways to ruin your life in fiction and reality, I'm amazed more…
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The Devil Gives His Due

There are plenty of sayings about the devil: you can't kill him or cheat him, but what if you could? These book are all about mortals who go up against the King Of Lies, and perhaps they come up on top. The two opposing sides of the afterlife have their rules for every occasion, but…
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