Debt, Drugs, and Dystopia

K.M. Szpara has created an all-too-plausible dystopia with Docile. Under a federal law, debt transfers to the next of kin, meaning one generation becomes responsible for the previous generation's financial responsibilities (student, medical, etc.), leading to intergenerational poverty for most of the population. The only way to realistically pay off this debt is to temporarily…
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To Plot Against Her Majesty: 6 Books of Elizabethan Intrigue

England's Elizabeth I was virtually deified during her reign, known as Britain's Golden Age. Behind the mask of Gloriana, however, Good Queen Bess ran a police state that quickly stamped out the slightest opposition. The fact that she remained unmarried and childless was a cause of much concern. Intrigue was rife, even for the royal…
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Queer in the West

"Out West" in the American popular imagination means wide open spaces, boot and saddle leather, and freedom. Of course, there were, and are, only so many freedoms allowed women and sexual minorities anywhere. This post looks at LGBTQ folks in the American West, past, present, and future. Upright Women Wanted by Hugo Award-winner Sarah Gailey…
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