The Amish, Plain and Simple

As we move into Fall, our attention often turns to farms and their bounty. In Northwest Indiana and other rural communities, this can mean Amish farms. Of course, not all the Amish are farmers, and their numbers have grown exponentially in the past century, making them more visible. While there are plenty of novels featuring […]

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Do You Believe In Magic?

Sarah Skilton has written her first adult novel, Club Deception, and it's a doozy. Jessica, a young wife who is quickly learning the meaning of the phrase, "marry in haste, repent at leisure" is introduced to the club of wives and girlfriends of America's greatest magicians. There are several mysteries to be solved in this […]

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Novel Journeys: The British Raj

India, symbolized by the Koh-I-Noor diamond, was long considered the jewel in the English colonial crown. However, the relationship took a toll on both countries, and the British Raj, as the colonial experience was known, ended 70 years ago this month. Starting with a new release, these are some books dealing with the cost to […]

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Stories of Haiti

I find Haiti endlessly fascinating, from its very survival to its wealth of folk art. I chose these books because they are written or edited by Haitians and give one an insider's view of this perpetually resilient nation. René Depestre has written a delightful book, Hadriana in All My Dreams, that celebrates life in his home […]

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Laughs in Space

Authors often use science fiction to ask Big Questions. That's fine and all, but could we yuk it up once in a while? The truly gifted can manage both, and I tried to include some of them in this post, but mostly, this is for fun. R. Wilson Rogers is returned to the military after a […]

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