HWLC Building Directory

Whether you're a lifelong Chicagoan or a first-time visitor, we recommend the Top 10 Things to Do at Harold Washington Library Center.

Art: 8th Floor

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Fine arts, architecture, dance, design, fashion, film and crafts

Business: 4th Floor

Business, Science and Technology

  • Patent and Trademark Resource Center
  • Careers, job searching, company information, financial planning and small business information

Children’s Library: 2nd Floor

The Thomas Hughes Children’s Library is for children through eighth grade. Find:

  • Children’s books, audiobooks and music
  • Computers for children 13 and under

Computers: 3rd Floor

Fiction: 7th Floor

Literature and Language

  • Literature, plays, poetry, short stories and fiction

Government Information: 5th Floor

  • Congressional publications, Executive Branch documents, statistics, maps and Illinois documents
  • Chicago Public Library is a congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents. Public access to the government documents collection is guaranteed by public law. (Title 44 United States Code)

History: 6th Floor

Social Science and History

  • Chicago history and genealogy

Holds: 1st Floor

  • Pick up holds in the Popular Library.

Kids Museum Passports: 1st Floor

Circulation Desk

Languages: 7th Floor

Literature and Language

  • Language learning audiobooks and DVDs
  • Books, newspapers and magazines in world languages

Large Print: 7th Floor

Literature and Language

  • Fiction and nonfiction books

Lost and Found: 3rd Floor

  • Building Management Office

Maker Lab: 3rd Floor

  • The Maker Lab features 3D printers, laser cutters and more.

Movies: 1st Floor

Popular Library

  • DVDs

Municipal Reference Collection: 5th Floor

  • City of Chicago and Cook County materials including annual reports, newspaper clippings, community area information and election results

Music: 8th Floor

Newspapers: 3rd Floor

  • Current and historical newspapers
  • Newspapers on microfilm

Science and Technology: 4th Floor

Business, Science and Technology

  • Patent and Trademark Resource Center
  • Animals, construction, cooking, environment, health and medicine, science fair, technology and transportation

Social Science: 6th Floor

Social Science and History

  • Parent/Teacher Collection
  • Education, law, library science, philosophy, political science, religion, sports and travel

Special Collections: 9th Floor

  • Special Collections has rare and unique materials focusing on Chicago as well as the Civil War.
  • Exhibit halls

Study Rooms

Winter Garden: 9th Floor

  • The Winter Garden, the architectural centerpiece of the library, is available for study and private events.
  • With an open courtyard design, the Winter Garden features natural light, greenery and, like the rest of the building, free WiFi.

YOUmedia: 1st Floor

  • YOUmedia has events, programs, books, computers and media creation tools and software for high school students.