Open a Book and Travel the World

Have you ever picked up a book, started to read it and felt like you were in a different place? Books can take you to many wonderful new places. Even if you aren't going anywhere for summer vacation, you can feel like you have been all over the globe, or beyond, just by reading.

Check out these stories and spend some of your remaining summer days traveling through books!

Want to travel in the United States? Follow along with postcards from New Jersey to the Pacific Ocean on Stringbean's Trip to the Shining Sea. Or, explore New York City in the wordless picture book You Can't Take A Balloon Into the Metropolitan Museum.

Maybe you want to go to a different country, like Italy or Australia. Dodsworth in Rome will make you feel like you too are scooting past the Colosseum and eating pizza. Or follow Grace and her family on their six-month adventure through Australia in Are We There Yet?

Why just stick to Earth-bound adventures? Imagine traveling to space by reading Mousetronaut Goes to Mars or Mars Evacuees. Maybe one day we really will be able to take a summer vacation to Mars!

Where would you like to travel to this summer?