Getting Around Town: Learn About Public Transit

There are so many different ways to get around our city! Many people choose to use public transportation—or transit—instead of walking or driving. Public transportation includes buses, subways and 'L' trains. Public transportation is good for the environment because when many people travel in one vehicle, there are fewer cars on the road. That results in less pollution in the air. Take a look at some of the books and activities about public transit shared by librarian Katie from Toman Branch. 

In Last Stop on Market Street, CJ and his nana ride the bus across town and CJ learns to see the beauty that’s around him. After you read this book, try using some recycled materials to make a 3D bus like the one Nana and CJ ride. Check out Pages to Projects: Last Stop on Market Street + 3D Bus Activity for some helpful tips to build your bus!

The Way Downtown is a fun look into how public transportation of all kinds works in the fictional city of Zoom. After you read this, grab some paper and draw a map of your neighborhood. Include familiar and personal landmarks on your map like your mailbox, a store, a playground, your neighbor's house and more. When you've finished your map, take it with you on your walks and point out the landmarks as you go.

In the mood for a song? The Wheels on the Tuk Tuk is a twist on the familiar “The Wheels on the Bus.” It takes us to the streets of India in a tuk tuk, a motorized rickshaw. Then sing along with this video inspired by the book.

When Pablo gets lost in New York City while on a field trip, he learns to use the subway system to find his way home in Lost in NYC. This is a funny story written in comic book style. When you've finished, print comic book panels or draw your own on blank paper and create a story about riding the train in Chicago!

Reflect on Your Learning

  • How many types of public transportation can you name? Which one is your favorite? Why?
  • Which types of public transit have you used? What are some other things you can do to help the environment?