Code Builders: Create Virtual Buildings

The worlds of computer programming and architecture are very similar. While architects design buildings from the ground up, computer programmers create “building blocks” known as code for computers and robots that allow them to function correctly. Librarian Aldo from the Thomas Hughes Children's Library at Harold Washington Library Center suggests these fun activities to help…
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Take the Express Train to Holiday Traditions

A "tradition" is a custom or a belief passed down from generation to generation. Some of my favorite traditions happen during the winter holiday season! I love my family's tradition of eating monkey bread while we open presents on Christmas morning. My friends and I share the tradition of riding the CTA Holiday Train each year. The holiday concerts at Harold…
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Read Like an Egyptian

Missing tombs, hidden doorways and a powerful may sound like I'm describing a great fictional story, but in fact these are all pieces of a real-life mystery! For hundreds of years, the resting place of the beautiful and powerful Nefertiti, queen of Egypt in the 14th century B.C., has been a mystery. That was…
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