Summer Songs

I love in musical movies when characters are so excited that they can't help but burst into song. Have you ever felt that way? Not only is it summer, but it's also Chicago Public Library's 150th birthday, and those two things definitely make me want to sing some tunes! Sing along with me on your way to grab one of these great books at your library this summer.

Grown-ups, singing with your child helps them break down words into syllables and learn about rhyme--two important early literacy skills to help them get ready to read. Plus, singing is fun!

Do you like to wear something special when you celebrate? Corina's abuela helps her make a special flower crown to wear on her birthday in a A Crown for Corina. Or, maybe you're more of a t-shirt and sunglasses person, like Librarian Jessie.

Do you have a favorite topic to read about? In this is a This Is A Story, lots of different people read about their own favorite things.  After all, as Librarian Winther sings, "reading a book is so much fun!"

Just what IS a birthday anyway? How do you know when your birthday is?  Find out in When's My Birthday? Then, sing about just how long one year is with Librarian Dannie:

One great way to celebrate summer is by making bubbles. You can make bubbles with soap or in your milkshake or even in a swimming pool like in Bubbles...up! Listen to where librarian Erica's bubbles go:

On a hot summer day, nothing tastes as good as a cool treat, like frozen fruit!  After all, When Grandma Gives You A Lemon Tree, make frozen lemonade!  Then sing the Fruit Salad Song with Librarian Lucas:

Last but not least, get into your summer rhythm with Pokko and the Drum. You can find it with your hands, head, and feet with Librarian Charmaine!

What songs are you going to sing this summer?