Birthday Bonanza

Summer is the perfect time to take a trip! Where would you like to go? The beach? The forest? The mountains? How about all the way around the sun? Well, guess what? We all take that trip together, every year! 

A year is how long it takes our planet Earth to make one orbit (that means a path that goes in a circle) around the sun. Lots of us celebrate this amazing journey on our birthdays, when we turn another year older. On your birthday every year, you have just crossed the finish line on a very long trip – the Earth is back in (just about) the same spot on its orbit that it was when you were born! Everybody has their own unique birthday.

Here are some great books to get you ready to celebrate! 

The Birthday Box: Any baby can tell you that sometimes the best birthday present isn’t a present at all, but the box it comes in! In this board book, a box becomes a plane, a sled, a robot and more – and it turns out the present inside is pretty special too. 

Waiting for your birthday can be hard, especially when it’s coming soon, but that’s part of the fun too! When's My Birthday? excitedly asks when, when, when? as a little girl imagines all the possibilities for her special day. 

In Esme's Birthday Conga Line, when Esme's grandparents get her a guitar for her birthday, she knows the perfect place for a performance: her birthday party! The only problem? They haven't planned one yet! But with a whole apartment building full of neighbors, Esme knows she can put together a perfect party no matter what.

When someone else gives Hedgehog the same birthday present as Harry in Happy Birthday, Hedgehog!, he worries that his gift isn't as special. Luckily, Hedgehog knows that having two toy planes means one thing: it's time for a race!

Tales From A Not-so-happy Birthday: Nikki, Chloe, and Zoey know they have to have an absolutely epic birthday party. There’s just one problem – Nikki's mom has said no to the budget. Will that spell disaster for the big day? Maybe not, when help comes from someone Nikki least expects in the popular Dork Diaries series. 

So, there you have it! We hope you find something exciting to celebrate with CPL this summer. Did you know that this year is an extra special year to celebrate birthdays? That's because the library is turning 150 years old! That’s a lot of a candles to fit on a cake. How about you? How many years old will you turn this year? How will you celebrate?