Chicago Pride Parade: Books for Kids

On the last Saturday in June, something big, exciting and rainbow-colored happens in Chicago: the Pride Parade!  

Lots of us know that June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (and more) people extra loudly. Pride is a fun, colorful, festive month that can include all sorts of different things. From dance parties and art projects to protests and community activism – but one thing you’ll see at many Pride celebrations is a parade! 

Chicago is no exception. Since 1970, the grand finale of Chicago’s month-long Pride has been a parade, getting bigger and more popular as the years went by. Now, over a million people come out to celebrate each year!  

Even though Pride celebrations are more popular than ever, we know that even today LGBTQ+ people are not always treated equally or fairly. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure our Pride celebrations are bright, joyful and unapologetic.

Here are some great books to get your ready for this year’s Pride Parade, and to celebrate everyone’s gender and sexual identities all year long! 

Marley's Pride: Marley loves their Zaza and can't wait to celebrate their award at Pride, but sometimes all the noise and crowds get overwhelming. Can Marley and their family find a way for them to experience the joy of Pride in safe and comfortable way?

'Twas the Night Before Pride: Just like other holidays, waiting for Pride to come can be exciting! Told in the style of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," this lively picture book tells both the history and the present of Pride.

Winnie Nash Is Not your Sunshine: Winnie Nash's life is a mess, and hiding her true self isn't helping. When she spends a summer with her grandmother in New Jersey, she starts to think she can imagine herself being happy and free at the New York City Pride Parade.

Pride: Pride isn't just for June -- all year long, the LGBTQ+ community is amazing! Learn more about the rich, diverse history of the LGBTQ+ community beyond the parade in this informational book that takes you from ancient history to the present day.

So how will you celebrate Pride?