Siblings, Niblings and More! LGBTQ Family Stories for Kids

We all know that every family is special. But some families have someone who is extra special! Here are a few titles with families where looking like a boy or a girl isn't the end of the story, but the beginning.

When Aidan Became A Brother he didn't want his younger sibling to ever feel like he did when he was little. People thought he was a girl, even his parents! Now, he wants to be the best big brother to the new baby. He'll make sure they NEVER feel the same way. 

Some of the best things in the world are not one thing or the other but something all their own, like My Maddy! They are a Mommy and Daddy rolled up into one amazing person. They teach their child about all the amazing things that can happen in between: rainbows between the sun and the rain, dreams between waking and sleep, and snacks between lunch and dinner!

In the Land of This or That, being Neither was very hard. They aren't enough of one thing or the other to fit in with either the rabbits or the birds. But in the Land of All, Neither could be who they were all along...both!

In My Rainbow, Trinity knows in her heart that she NEEDS long hair. But with autism, growing her own hair out can be tricky. Until her brother, Lucien and her mom come up with a plan to give Trinity her very own rainbow.

Casey loves the same things as his big sister Jessie. He loves things that shimmer and glitter and sparkle! His Abuelita calls him her Sparkle Boy. But Jessie isn't happy that her brother isn't acting like a boy, instead he's wearing a skirt and painting his nails like her. What will happen when they go to a library story time and other kids see Casey in his sparkles?

Susu loves her little sister Jackie. But what happens when Jack (not Jackie) declares they are a brother NOT a sister? They cut their hair, wear ties instead of dresses, and like to play Superbugs! What will Susu do now, when she just wants her sister back?