Pen Pals: Connecting Through Letters

Have you ever gotten mail? I love sending cards and letters to my cousins in other cities! Even though we can chat on the phone or through text messages, I like that I can make them something special and it will be delivered right to their door. Sometimes I even mail them cookies!

Sending and receiving mail is a fun way to get to know your family and friends better. You can even have a pen pal: a person you write letters to regularly. How does mail get from your mailbox to your pen pal's? Learn about how mail is delivered by watching this in this video.

For younger readers:

In Yours in Books, a grumpy owl sends letters to a squirrel who owns a bookshop and sends the owl book recommendations and advice.

What happens when mail gets lost? Follow the journey of The Lost Package to see how one package gets lost and then found!

For older readers:

Zoe writes letters From the Desk of Zoe Washington to her biological father, who is in prison for a terrible crime he says he did not commit. Will she be able to prove his innocence?  

You can even have a pen pal via email, like in To Night Owl From Dogfish. Bett and Avery are not happy when their dads begin dating each other, but eventually they look forward to maybe becoming sisters one day.  But when their dads break up, the girls scheme to get them back together, The Parent Trap-style!

Visit your local Chicago Public Library branch to pick up a Pen Pal Grab and Go Kit (while supplies last) to get a postcard and stamp and send some mail this summer! You can also download a letter template to mail.