Code Builders: Create Virtual Buildings

The worlds of computer programming and architecture are very similar. While architects design buildings from the ground up, computer programmers create “building blocks” known as code for computers and robots that allow them to function correctly. Librarian Aldo from the Thomas Hughes Children's Library at Harold Washington Library Center suggests these fun activities to help you learn how to build code and become a digital architect!

Computer programming sometimes involves a lot of math and numbers. Count from 0 to 7.5 billion in Everybody Counts and meet some interesting characters along the way.

Do you know How to Code A Sandcastle? Pearl and her robot friend, Pascal, must use code to build a sandcastle step by step.

In Secret Coders, a graphic novel mystery, join the students at Stately Academy as they use basic computer programming skills to discover clues and solve puzzles.

Get a lesson on The Friendship Code when you read about Lucy’s adventures with her coding club.

Computers and robots need clear instructions in the correct sequence to complete even simple tasks. Learn how to give precise instructions to help a friend complete a tower of cups. Don’t have enough cups at home? Use blocks or other stackable items and make your own unique code.

Try out some of these fun coding activities that include following steps to build a tower and designing your own robot animal.

Emojis have turned into a creative language of their own. Learn how to tell a story by using a sequence of emoji faces.

Explore the wonderful world of coding through Minecraft at Complete challenges using Snap! programming.

Reflect on Your Learning

  • More and more architects are using technology to help design and create buildings. What are some ways that technology could help you as an architect?
  • If you could design and program a robot that would help with creating buildings, what would it do? What would it look like?