Read Like an Egyptian

Missing tombs, hidden doorways and a powerful may sound like I'm describing a great fictional story, but in fact these are all pieces of a real-life mystery! For hundreds of years, the resting place of the beautiful and powerful Nefertiti, queen of Egypt in the 14th century B.C., has been a mystery. That was until last week when professor Nicholas Reeves announced he may have discovered where she is buried.

Reeves, a resident scholar at the University of Arizona, believes that the secret lies behind two hidden entrances inside King Tut’s burial chamber. More research needs to be done to discover if he is right, but it's exciting to think that soon we may be able to view the tomb of a famous pharaoh that has been untouched for thousands of years.

While we wait to discover if Nefertiti's tomb has indeed been discovered, pick up one of the many great stories inspired by tales of ancient Egypt. I've read The Egypt Game more times than I can count.  It's the story of a game inspired by the customs of ancient Egypt that April, Melanie and Marshall play in the backyard of an antique store...until strange things start happen. Is it really all a make-believe game?

The Egypt Game is available in multiple formats.

For a look at what life was like for a Pharaoh in ancient Egypt, check out Pharaoh's Daughter, a retelling of the story of Moses that includes the perspective of his sister, Almah, who was taken in and raised by the Pharaoh.

Pharaoh's Daughter is available in multiple formats.

I love a good adventure series, and it doesn't get much more exciting than the Kane Chronicles.  Start at The Red Pyramid, which kicks off with a huge explosion when Egyptologist Dr. Julius Kane blows up the Rosetta Stone, unleashing five Egyptian gods before he disappears. Can his two children work together to save him? I love the twist in this story!

The Red Pyramid is available in multiple formats.

For another fun adventure story, I love the antics of the Time Warp Trio in Tut, Tut. This time, the boys have to think creatively to save themselves from an evil priest in ancient Egypt!

It would be "un-pharaoh" of me not to ask if you have any suggestions for other great Egypt-themed stories!  Share them in the comments!

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