Digging for History, Finding King Tut’s Tomb

Ancient Egypt has fascinated people throughout history. Pyramids and mummies, what could be more interesting? Perhaps a boy king. King Tut became pharaoh at nine years old. Could you imagine being in charge of a country? Luckily, he had some advisors to help. Unluckily, he didn't have a chance to rule for very long. He died young and was entombed like all Egyptian kings. His totally intact tomb was found 100 years ago, which was rare since most were raided for treasure. This is why we know so much about King Tut. Learn more about him, mummies and archaeology with these great reads.

Howard and the Mummy: What was it like searching for treasure in the early 20th century? Follow Howard Carter, who eventually discovered the tomb of King Tut.

Learn all of The Secrets of Tutankhamun in this easy-to-read illustrated biography.

Mummy Mystery: Just how did King Tut die? No one knows for sure, but this article has some ideas and some very interesting images of what the boy king might have looked like.

Mummies Exposed! How does a body become a mummy? There are lots of ways bodies can be preserved, and lots of ways that we can learn about the histories that have been preserved. From Incan children to modern mummies, learn all about our past through these mummies.

Accidental Archaeologists: Most archaeologists work for years to find even a small item from the past. These lucky folks stumbled into some amazing discoveries, including marble in Pompeii and mummified crocodiles.

The Red Pyramid: If you're looking to take your own Egyptian-inspired adventure, join Sadie and Carter as they travel across the world in order to save humanity from an Egyptian god.