Invisible Women and What They Do About it

Tom Perrotta has written several books, including The Leftovers, which was turned into a successful television series, and Little Children, which became an acclaimed movie starring Kate Winslet. Returning again to American suburbia, his new book focuses on feminine middle age and sexuality. This seems like a good time to consider other books about middle-aged women, […]

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Midwife Mysteries

Midwives are known for delivering babies, but as mystery writers well know, they are also keepers of secrets. Their job takes them from the echelons of society to the truly desperate, which makes them excellently placed to suss out the truth of a crime. All of the books I mention in this post are just as good […]

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3 Short Story Collections by Margaret Atwood

If you're watching The Handmaid's Tale miniseries or reading The Handmaid's Tale, there's plenty more of Margaret Atwood to enjoy. Her short stories are wonderful snippets of thought, with the same intelligence, humor and vinegar that permeate her novels. Mostly set in the here and now, but sometimes veering off into fantasy and science fiction, Atwood's short stories […]

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Mysteries Make You Do The Wacky: What to Read if You Love the Stephanie Plum Novels

Janet Evanovich is in her 20s; 20-plus Stephanie Plum novels, that is. We thought you'd like these series when you're done with Evanovich's books and still need your fix. These mysteries are funny and feature female protagonists in the most outrageous situations. Stephanie Plum works for her skeezy cousin Vinny as a bond enforcement agent, or […]

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Uppity Women, Unite!

Feeling stunted by your job? Underpaid and overworked? Ever want to tell your boss what you really think? These books are for you. While women tend to be the protagonists (pink-collar jobs, anyone?), these are good reads, especially if you think you have too much education and experience to put up with what you put up […]

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Yet More Lady Detectives

Want a little escapism with your whodunit? These are three recent historical mysteries full of wit and humor. All three star women in the fist half of the 20th century, so be prepared for gender-expectation-busting hijinks. Lola Woodby, star of Come Hell or Highball, is back for another adventure in Maia Chance's Teetotaled. Though Lola and […]

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