Empowered Girls: Kids Books Celebrating Women and Girls

In January 2017, millions of people, many of them women and children, took to the streets in what became the largest, single-day protest in U.S. history—the Women's March. On the anniversary of this event, we celebrate girls and women with books that honor their strength and courage.

In Lucía the Luchadora, Lucia takes on bullies and girl stereotypes armed with her new mask and cape, and the confidence of her family’s legacy of luchadoras—female wrestlers. A vibrant and empowering book that our youngest super-sheroes will enjoy.

Inspired by the millions who participated in the 2017 Women’s March, The Pink Hat is delightful story of a pink hat that's taken from a basket and ends up on the head of a young activist at the Women’s March. This is a great way to introduce topics of empathy, solidarity and equality to little ones.

Little Leaders introduces school-age readers to 40 radical and pioneering black women whose actions and courage changed the world. The colorful and splendid illustrations capture the spirit of well-known women such as Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman, but also highlight the important contributions of lesser-known figures such as chemist Alice Ball and writer Octavia E. Butler.

With more than 175 vivid photos, Strong Is the New Pretty celebrates girls being their authentic, true selves and reminds readers that their true power is not in how they look, but in their inner strength.

Patina is the follow-up to Ghost, the National Book Award Finalist for Young People's Literature, by Jason Reynolds. Patina, like Ghost, is a member of an elite track team, and she runs like lightning, both for and from herself, her family and friends. This is a great read for middle-graders, who are often discovering their place in life as they navigate friendships, family and societal pressures.

How do you celebrate and honor girls and women in your life?